About Us

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GOAL FOUNDATION is the brain child of few young like-minded animal lovers to protect, treat, help the animals and birds in the best possible way. In the year 2009 we formed an NGO with a simple and innovative idea of conserving wildlife by providing a starting an on call rescue for injured, abandoned and sick mammals, birds and reptiles. Field survey and studies help us to maintain their best possible natural habitat for them. With the growing need started an Ambulance Service for Animals in Ahmedabad and surrounding areas.


GOAL foundation is a non profitable organization dedicated to improve the lives of animals in our community and beyond.

We want to provide animal friendly society and ergo we do different types of tasks such as animal birth control programs for restricting overpopulation, rescue and adoption programs and we also educate people for the same.


We aim to our targets of expanding our programs worldwide of creating cruelty free society by utilising the existing work force of veterinary doctors, workers and volunteers to help the animal in need area wise and provide treatment to needy stray animals.


We are very passionate animal lovers and thus to complete our mission and vision we are going to be available in all areas through veterinary clinics across the city.